Boda Sand’s smorgasbord of holiday attractions includes an outdoor gym

Gym and wellness go hand in hand with summer holiday resorts' other offers for its visitors.

Oelond island, Sweden
One of Boda Sand's new services to customers interested in well-being, fitness and sports, was to introduce a Lappset outdoor gym installed in May 2016 in the Boda Sand recreational area. Training camps with some of Sweden’s most popular sports and fitness trainers became immediate successes already during the first season.
Boda Sand / Lappset Sweden
Boda Sand
About Boda Sand

Boda Sand is one of the most advanced summer holiday resorts in Sweden. Located in the northern part of the Oeland island, Boda Sand attracts huge numbers of tourists during the summer months.

Formerly an ordinary camping site, Boda Sand started developing their services to tourists a couple of years ago. Their smorgasbord of activities include almost everything a person can wish for; sun bathing, swimming, concerts, theater performances, sports, training camps, competitions, dog shows, shops, accommodation and dining.